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Probiotics – to prevent throat infections

The term probiotics has become familiar to most of us in recent years. Probiotics are a common name for good bacteria that exist in our bodies and help the efficient functioning of various systems such as the digestive and immune systems. Taking probiotics is actually the active introduction of probiotic bacteria into our bodies, usually through certain foods rich in probiotics or through dietary supplements. Recently, probiotics have been shown to play an important role in solving and preventing many health problems.

When to take probiotics
Taking probiotic bacteria is mostly typical in two cases. The first case is if we suffer from digestive problems such as feeling full, bloating, gases and irregular ports. The probiotic bacteria participate in digestive and food breakdown and digestive problems may indicate a violation of the gut balance in the digestive system. Boosting probiotic bacteria by taking probiotics helps to restore balance, streamline food breakdown processes and resolve digestive problems.

The second case is in parallel with taking antibiotics. When taking antibiotics, you should also use probiotics. The role of antibiotics is to kill bacteria, it does so well and, in fact, since the discovery of antibiotics, the face of medicine has changed little. However, antibiotics do not know how to differentiate between a good bacterium and a bad bacterium (pathogenic, a pathogen) and taking antibiotics also harms and reduces the good bacteria in the body. And again, a state of imbalance is created that can cause stomach pain, diarrhea, fungus and more, all of which are known side effects as a result of taking antibiotics. Here, too, taking probiotics helps restore balance and resolve the side effects.

Probiotics against Streptococcus
Bliss is the name of a special oral probiotic strain designed to inhibit the growth of streptococcus bacterial colonies in the throat. Streptococcus is a bacterium that usually causes laryngitis but, in exceptional cases, can also cause more serious life-threatening illnesses. Bliss is an innovative and patented probiotic bacterium, specific to the pharyngeal and oral cavity, unlike gastrointestinal probiotics, which are more widely known, containing many different strains of bacteria.

Bliss’s effectiveness is achieved by its ability to settle and take root in the oral cavity, where it creates a positive balance against pathogenic bacteria (pathogens). One of the “suffering” bacteria in particular from the presence of the bliss bacterium is the streptococcus bacterium that cannot grow colonies and reproduce. Stopping the streptococcus by the bliss reduces the risk of developing laryngeal disease.
The Bliss bacterium has also been found to be effective in treating viral laryngitis and treating bad breath that may be caused by the culture of oral and throat bacteria.

During the transition period, the bacteria are already in the air and the immune system has not yet switched from summer to high winter alert. This is exactly the time to start taking Bliss in order to avoid throat infections on a bacterial or viral background during the winter.

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