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probiotics – For natural women


You are not alone, 3 out of 4 women suffer from vaginal infection or fungus as a result of a disturbance in the natural balance of the normal flora in the digestive and vaginal system.
Use of drugs (especially antibiotics and birth control pills), increased intake of sweets, alcohol and even the natural hormonal changes during a woman’s life can disrupt the balance of normal flora and thus allow disease-causing bacteria or fungi to thrive.

Candida is a global problem
Candida fungus is the main cause of vaginal infection. Candida is a global problem and is the result of a modern lifestyle that includes poor nutrition, stress and overuse of medication.
These, change the gastrointestinal and vaginal flora and bring about the proliferation of the fungus. As long as the balance is not broken, the good bacteria, especially those of the Lactobacillus type, strictly regulate the Candida population in the vagina and intestine.
If the balance is violated and violated, the natural defense and candida can be damaged and can thrive on all the symptoms we know such as multiple discharge, itching, burning and burning sensation.

5 things you didn’t know about candida and vaginal infections:
1. In 2002, women in the United States spent over half a billion dollars on drugs to treat the problem
2. More than half of the women will suffer from the phenomenon in the middle of their third decade
3. The problem of vaginal infections is one of the major medical causes of working day loss
4. Poor nutrition or mental stress are among the causes of the problem
5. For local itching and burning sensation, a tampon dipped in aloe vera and probiotics can be introduced

It turns out that adding probiotics to women that is natural and fits your lifestyle is a wonderful way to prevent candida, infections and vaginal fungus. The good bacteria turn out to be excellent friends and all the more, it’s fine.

Probiotics for women – much more than yogurt
It’s not new that eating bio yogurt, which contains the addition of probiotic bacteria, contributes to health. But the technological means that extend the shelf life of dairy products do not allow probiotic bacteria to survive over time, thus compromising their effectiveness.
How many bacteria do yogurt actually have? And who guarantees that the bacteria in yogurt survives over time? Actually no one. Eating yogurt is nice but it’s not really serious.

Women’s probiotics are an important and essential addition to any woman
The complexity of the female system causes women to suffer more from problems related to imbalances in the intestinal microflora that are directly related to imbalances in the vaginal microflora.
Taking probiotics to women every day and for a long time will ensure a high amount of probiotic bacteria in the digestive system and vagina, maintain system hygiene and protect against contaminants.

How to Choose Probiotics for Women Right?
The probiotic supplement market has so many different types of probiotics for women.
So how do you know to choose probiotics for women that will be quality and recommended for you?
Two things must be ascertained: is it the product that works best for you and is it a high efficiency product.
For this test, there are a few parameters to note:

Amount of bacteria: The higher the amount of bacteria, the greater the chances of better rooting of the bacteria in Flora and the desired and problematic places like the vagina.
Number of varieties: The higher the number of varieties, the wider the distribution of the flora. This means enriching the flora with a greater variety of different types of bacteria that have their own unique health activity. For example, it is known that a bacterium that meets Thermophilus has a great ability to affect the moisture balance in the woman’s vagina.
Bacterial protection: In probiotic preparations for standard women, a large amount of bacteria die before they reach the intestine due to gastric acidity, the pathway of which kills more than 90% of the bacteria living in most cases. It is important to choose a product developed from technology that provides protection to bacteria to get to the gut and do their job.
Research Establishment: Choose probiotics with strains that have been tested for years in clinical studies, otherwise how do we know that these are beneficial bacterial strains?
Types of Bacteria: Studies show that friendly bacteria from the lactobacillus family are beneficial to our female flora, so you should choose probiotics that combine them with the formula.
So pick a high quality, dedicated women probiotic that has patented bacteria that have been researched and found to be suitable for the woman’s natural defense system and support her intimate health.


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