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Q10 10 reasons to start taking "Q10"

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like nutritional component found in each of the body’s cells, the highest concentration found in myocardial, liver, brain and gum cells. It is an essential component of maintaining our health. However, most people are unaware of the great importance of the Q10 and the fact that after age 25 and as we grow older, its level in the body decreases and therefore its completion is required as an external daily supplement.

Not sure why you should take coenzyme Q10? We decided to give you 10 excellent reasons:

  1. It is responsible for energy generation – Coenzyme Q10 is involved in the mechanism responsible for the production of cellular energy, and is therefore called the “sparking of cells”. If we compare our bodies to the car, then our food is the fuel and the Q10 is the spark plug. Without the spark plug, no energy will be released and we will not be able to operate the body, just as even a vehicle with a full tank of fuel cannot travel without an ignition mechanism.
  2. It is a particularly self-antioxidant – energy production in cells also brings with it the production of free radicals that can, at high concentrations, cause real health damage. Q10 has a dual role in the cell’s energy production mechanism, on the one hand, to increase energy production and, on the other hand, to help neutralize the free radicals released in the process.
  3. It contributes to heart health – the heart operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in fact is the only muscle in the body that does not stop working from the moment of life to the moment of its termination. Therefore, it requires regular and regular supply of energy or its function will be impaired leading to cardiovascular disease. Coenzyme Q10 plays a major role in energy generation in myocardial cells.
  4. It is needed for those taking statins for cholesterol – statins for lowering cholesterol from statins (such as Lipitor, Crestor and Lipidl) inhibit the production of Q10 in the body. As a direct result, the levels of Q10 coenzyme in cells decrease and create a variety of side effects that drug users are well aware of. Like weakness, fatigue and sore muscles. Therefore, completing the Q10 reduces the side effects and even prevents them completely.
  5. It is important for brain health – a proper process of producing energy in the brain cells is essential for its proper functioning. Coenzyme Q10 responsible for energy production and antioxidants may slow the aging of the brain cells and protect brain function.
  6. It is good for periodontal health – the addition of coenzyme Q10 may improve the condition of the gums by reducing the depth of the pockets, reducing the swelling, reducing bleeding, decreasing pain and decreasing bone loss.
  7. It provides immune support – Coenzyme Q10 provides the energy needed to propel our immune system, and improves function by improving oxygen utilization in cells. In doing so, it helps the body’s ability to cope with infections and external invaders.
  8. It may help with cases of migraine – Coenzyme Q10 may help some people with migraine headaches.
  9. It improves fertility – Coenzyme Q10 improves male fertility by improving sperm motility.
  10. It improves performance in athletes – As we engage in sports, oxygen consumption in cells increases to allow them to generate enough energy to operate the body at high intensity. Coenzyme Q10 is an essential component of the mechanism responsible for cellular energy production and its absorption contributes to improved performance in people who are exercising.
    Now you know, the Q10 enzyme line is found in every cell of the human body, providing energy and thus taking part in the activity of the body systems!

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