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Spirulina – the star of "super foods"

Its place as one of the biggest stars of the world of super foods has taken on the spirulina seaweed after the US Space Agency declared it the perfect dish for space travel. NASA’s team of experts found that spirulina accelerates nutrient concentrations relative to other foods. Everyday.

What are super foods?
Super foods are a group of natural foods that have a particularly high concentration of nutritional components and are therefore considered more nutritious than any other food. Consumption of super foods allows us to get more nutritional values ​​per unit of food. That is, we eat less and get more.

Nutrition-enriched nutrition affects our health and mental state. We feel more energetic and full of vitality and the mood improves. Regular consumption of foods positively affects the appearance of our hair and skin, enhances our digestive system activity and helps strengthen our immune system.

Consuming foods as an integral part of your daily diet will allow your body to absorb large amounts of nutritional values ​​while eating less. As a result, the desire for processed foods and even overeating will decrease and the diet will become healthier and more balanced.

Spirulina – the highest quality food
The spirulina seaweed is a green blue seaweed that grows in freshwater lakes and consists of small cell coils connected to each other in a spiral shape, hence its name. Spirulina is, as mentioned, one of the richest nutritional sources in nature. It provides about 65% full protein per unit weight, three times more than meat. In addition, it contains a large amount of nutrients, elements and chemical compounds that are essential to the life and growth of living things, and are mainly used for body building and energy supply.

Spirulina seaweed is known as superfood because of its high content of many different nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, high quality protein and more. It has been used for thousands of years as a dietary source for humans. Today, after its nutritional quality has been scientifically proven, it once again occupies its place as one of the most important super foods.

The modern lifestyle spirulina
World Health Organization (WHO) experts acknowledge spirulina as a whole food and recommend consuming it to improve health. Many people who have started consuming spirulina have reported a noticeable increase in alertness, vitality, thoughtfulness and mood.

Spirulina seaweed is a great fit for the modern lifestyle. Most of us are so busy between work and family that we sometimes just forget to eat or settle for faster and much less healthy food. This is where the spirulina kelp comes into the picture.

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