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Vitamin C – What Vitamin C Should You Buy?

What Vitamin C Should You Buy?
Vitamin C is one of the most recognized vitamins. It is found in fresh fruits such as citrus fruits, kiwi and cherries and also in fresh vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, spinach and potato. It participates in hundreds of processes in our bodies and is especially vital during the winter. But the truth is that vitamin C is recommended to take all year. There is a wide variety of Vitamin C products on the store shelf so how do we choose the right product? Read the article.

Why is Vitamin C important to take?
Vitamin C participates in many processes in our body and most of us know it and associate it with the field of immune health. While this feature makes it especially effective during the winter, it is only a small part of the picture, the effect of vitamin C in the body much wider.

Since our body is not capable of producing vitamin C itself, we need to provide it through the diet or by taking the nutritional supplements containing it. Either way, vitamin C deficiency is an undesirable condition that can lead to unpleasant and even dangerous side effects.

Since most of us do not pay enough attention to eating fresh fruits and vegetables, the likelihood of vitamin C deficiency increases. At older ages, as the digestive capacity of the digestive system decreases, the risk increases even more. It is therefore perfectly clear why it is important to provide a steady supply of Vitamin C to our bodies throughout the year and not only during transition periods and winter.

How do you do that?
Our most important recommendation is first and foremost to eat daily vegetables and fresh fruits of different colors. However, the modern lifestyle does not allow us, many times, to maintain a balanced, healthy diet that includes all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals our bodies need. For this reason, it is also recommended to use nutritional supplements to supplement and prevent loss.

Our recommendation
Taking a vitamin C diet supplement is the safest and most effective way to maintain its body level throughout the year. By taking Vitamin C as a dietary supplement we can control the amount of vitamin entering our body and even increase its efficiency and digestion in the digestive system.

There is a wide variety of Vitamin C in the market, and sometimes it is difficult to know which supplement to choose. We recommend an additive containing the Aster C patent. The ESTER-C patent is a registered patent containing vitamin C with proven efficacy, with three crucial advantages over other products in the category:

It is not acidic: It contains vitamin C with a neutral level of acidity (PH) and is therefore not acidic to the stomach and is also suitable for people suffering from hyper acidity, ulcers and sensitive stomach.

Stays longer in the body: It results in four times the normal concentration of Vitamin C in white tissues and blood cells, and therefore remains active in the body for a particularly long time.

Enhanced absorption: It contains a bioflavonoids complex that improves vitamin absorption in the body and has a beneficial effect on skin health and immune system.

These benefits make Aster C the ideal product in the vitamin C dietary supplement category for anyone. It is more effective, suitable for sensitive stomachs who have so far avoided taking vitamin C and will keep you safe throughout the winter and throughout the year.

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