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Vitamin D – What Do You Really Know About Vitamin D?

How much do you really know about vitamin D? Most of us come across Vitamin D upon joining the first baby’s family. The doctor says to give two drops of vitamin D each day, and we parents don’t even ask why. If the doctor said, and if all the other parents do it then it probably is true. Besides, it’s another sure way to calm a baby crying after a bath and what not to do for a few more minutes of quiet.

But what do you really know about vitamin D?

The health potential of vitamin D has, over the last decade, gained increasing recognition among more and more researchers from various fields. Vitamin D is known to be one of the important factors in preventing bone and skeletal diseases by helping to absorb calcium in the body.
During our lifetime we meet him mainly on two occasions:
When a baby is born, a daily dose of vitamin D to ensure proper bone development and prevention of bone mite.
As one grows older, vitamin D as a protection for bone health that tends to dwindle and the risk of osteoporosis rises. But recently, it turned out that in terms of vitamin D’s health potential, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The full health potential of vitamin D has been revealed
Many recent studies have shown that vitamin D is no longer an exclusive part of toddlers and the elderly, but helps prevent and treat many diverse health conditions such as:

● Influenza and colds treatment and prevention since it has anti-bacterial and antiviral activity and helps to boost the immune system
● Treatment of autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, atherosclerosis, fibromyalgia
● Helps prevent obesity as enriching the daily diet with vitamin D and calcium increases the body fat exchange rate

In addition, Vitamin D has also been found to improve athletic performance. It helps build and strengthen muscles and improves natural speed, response time and endurance.

Do we consume enough vitamin D?
As awareness of the importance of Vitamin D grows, the fear that we do not consume enough is increasing.
So do we consume enough vitamin D?
Well, for most of us the answer is no. This is a surprising answer, especially in light of the fact that vitamin D is created in our bodies following exposure to the sun and sun is a common and free commodity in our small country. So why is it that most of the population in Israel suffers from vitamin D deficiency?

The source of this paradox is the same as the source of many medical problems associated with the lifestyle of the modern world. Too much office work or under the roof and less than staying outside. And when the sun goes out, the (justified) fear of sun exposure causes us to wear long clothes or apply sunscreen that filters out the radiation. But even under these conditions, vitamin D levels in the body can be balanced and maintained.

So what to do to get vitamin D?
Vitamin D can be derived from various foods such as fish oil, egg yolk, mushrooms and dairy products.
In Superherb you can get natural vitamin D in its active form D3! A daily vitamin D diet will help you maintain a good balance in your body and help you stay healthy and strong.

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